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Is your business processes, workflows, on boarding, or customer engagement a bit cumbersome? You know instinctively that it could be improved but day in and out your finding that you, your staff, team members or customers are just spending more time on simple tasks than just getting on with growing your business, improving your core products and offerings and freeing up time to do things that matter.

This is our niche. We partner with our clients to deliver more effective workflows for their business. Your success is our driver. We deliver this by building software around existing providers, simplifying complex software ecosystems. Our customer facing software is stable, beautiful and has a purpose. Our workflow software simplifies the lives of the businesses that we work with.

If you need a web app, mobile app, backend service, workflow automation worker we can do it. For us these are just efficient tools that we use to help your business deliver results.

We are apart of your team

We assimilate into the companies that we work with. We are not just another provider, no. We care deeply about your customers and staff. Our work shows this. We have become a dependable, reliable and responsive company that our clients can rely on.

Recent work

The following work is a handful of projects that were extremely proud of being involved in.

Milford Asset Management Client Portal


Client Portal

A web app that allows all Milford’s clients to view their investments. Provides a first class look through to your investment holdings.


(You’ll need to be a client to have access, give them a shot, they are worth it)


Milford Asset Management Investment Funds Online Application

Investment Funds 100% online application

Easily join Milford’s Investment Funds in under 5 minutes. The workflow processes are a breeze as well. The on boarding very quick (2-3 times as fast as their competitors!)




SwiftlyDeft was formed in 2010 to service the growing iOS App development market. We've had the incredible opportunity to service clients all around the world (USA, NZ, Australia, UK). We noticed that as we helped companies grow through building software, we were more than just a software company. We made businesses more efficient and continued to solve complex problems directly. We are now a diverse group of software & system architects, developers, designers, and artist living and working all throughout NZ with a presence in NZ, US, and Europe.  

Josiah Clumont

Founder @ SwiftlyDeft


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